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Great Service is....

...about great people with knowledge & confidence.


It's about using the best materials to the best advantage.


It's simple, flexible, responsive & reliable & it meets your needs.

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* an initial 12 month agreement is required for rentals only. It's simple & clear.  All other services are delivered against your purchase order.

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Easy with Simple Agreements*


Easy with Responsive Service


Design & Quotation is FREE


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Plants are....

For twenty five years we have traveled to Europe to handpick our plants, attend shows & meet growers.


Whether you need low prices, superb quality, vast quantities, gigantic specimens or something unique, we can help.


We also have an understanding of engineering, hydraulics, health & safety, interior design and working alongside the construction industry.


You can also be confident that if we don't know something we will know a collegue who does.


Plantscapes Local is about Happy Clients

Plantscapes Local is about Knowledge

We have more than thirty years of experience delivering exceptional service to some of the UK's most demanding companies. You've probably already enjoyed our work somewhere.


Our clients tell us that what they want is a simple, flexible, reliable and friendly service delivered with a bit of flair.


They tell us what they don't want is complex contracts*, rules & disputes, vague service levels delivered by an everchanging stream of strangers.


They want great value.


We must do something right because our clients stay with us for years and years.